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Data Center Prawn. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n15

Hi friends, We are living in a time when the Data Center has been declared Dead. Oddly enough, this week was full of Data Center Prawn. Prawnography is a funny thing. By definition, it appeals to our fantasy lives in a way that’s not real. In this modern era, we have developed many kinds of… Read More

Empathy for The Big Red O. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n14

  Hi friends, I’ve built my whole career on empathy. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes goes a long why towards understanding why somebody does something. Inexplicable villains exist mostly in the movies. I’ve had a lot of meetings over my career explaining to product teams, “Here’s why that blogger just said bad things about… Read More

The pendulum swings towards ops. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n13

  If you read nothing else this week, check out The Briefing List announcement below. Thanks! Hi friends, I caught IBM’s Open Cloud Summit in SF this week. Lightning talks FTW! Recommended if it comes to your town. The speakers gave a tour through this new IT place we’re headed, and they called it DevOps,… Read More

The impermanence of all things. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n12

  Hi friends, This is the inside of our leaky washing machine. Cameron the repair guy has come all the way out to our beach town three times and hasn’t had the patience to find the leak which is literally the dripping shiny water in this picture I just took. Take from that lessons on… Read More

Did VMware do what it had to do? TR Dispatch v3n11

Hi friends, Check out those whales. We’ve been seeing a lot of them right off the beaches in Half Moon Bay. It’s either a wonderful gift from nature of a sign of incipient ecosystem collapse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Last week was VMworld and I trekked there for the yearly infrastructure homecoming and bacchanal. I laid off the steak… Read More

Move serverless for great justice – TechReckoning Dispatch v3n10

The TechReckoning Dispatch, Vol. 3, No. 10. Boston, Minneapolis, and El Granada. Friday, June 3, 2016.  VMworld Opening Acts & vBrownbag Tech Talks VMworld Opening Acts are coming to VMworld again this year. This independent, community-organized event happens on the Sunday afternoon before VMworld kicks off. There’s still time to give your input on the… Read More

All The Feels, #smh edition – TechReckoning Dispatch v3n9

The TechReckoning Dispatch, Vol. 3, No. 9. El Granada, Calif. Friday, May 13,  2016.  New podcast – listen to John interview Zerto’s Shannon Snowden about The New Realities of IT. And then join TechReckoning at ZertoCON May 23-25 in Boston with our mini-track on DevOps and Careers. Use code TECHRECKONING15 for 15% off! Register today. Normally we… Read More

I’ve got 99 problems, but OpenStack ain’t one – TechReckoning Dispatch v3n8

In this issue: OpenStack is not your problem, comments on speaking at VMUG and VMworld, ZertoCON discounts… Read More

How do you solve a problem like VMUG? – TechReckoning Dispatch v3n7

n this issue: How do you solve a problem like VMworld? How do you solve a problem like VMUG? A flibbertigibbet, a will-o-the-wisp, a cloud? Mesosphere goes all in on open source. TechReckoning Live at ZertoCON. No, you didn’t blink; we skipped a week.… Read More

Suits are from Mars, Hoodies are from Venus – TechReckoning Dispatch v3n6

In this issue: Intel Cloud Day, Microsoft Build and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, hybrid IT, object storage, losing 1.7PB of data, and diversity is not just a pipeline issue.… Read More