It’s going to get worse before it gets better. TechReckoning Dispatch v4n1

  Hi Friends, Unfortunately I’m thinking things are going to get worse before they get better. You might think I’m talking about politics, and I am, but let’s also talk about social media and cloud. Social media Anecdotally, I’m seeing more people opt out of social. Twitter and Facebook really only became widely available 6–7… Read More

User Groups: Old School vs New School 

I just wrapped up a great UK VMUG UserCon. My closing keynote was a reminder that our working lifetimes are decades long with a call to action to gather your team of mentors and community peers and develop a career-long learning practice through side projects. I guess in England one could use the metaphor that everybody… Read More

Advice from engineers that’s good for all of us

Here’s a great reading list of three articles, written by programmers for other programmers and about distributed systems and startups, but in fact applicable to most technologists and most organizations. … Read More

End of the Enterprise Public Cloud?

Happy Birth Day to HPE!  (Don’t say HP Enterprise!). Now, perhaps coincidently, during the HP split, the company that would become HPE also 86’d its public cloud offering, Helion. Here’s the money quote from HP Cloud GM Bill Hilf via Steve Burke at CRN:  “Customer after customer were telling us, ‘Listen, we will have a mix of… Read More

Internet of Flärdfull Things

My only interaction with the Internet of Things is watching people complain about rebooting their light bulbs on Twitter. I’ll gladly skip being an early adopter if it means skipping wanting to burn down your house because of the bugs. I want to throw my computer through window often enough. But slowly, slowly, I think we might eventually get a handle on this IoT stuff, although it is likely to drive us mad.… Read More

Failure is always an option

IEEE Spectrum took a look at IT failures ten years ago and started the Risk Factor blog. For the 10th anniversary of the original article, the magazine takes a look at the last 10 years of technology professionals having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.… Read More

Peak AWeSome?

The creatively named AWS re:Invent 2015 is now in our past. It’s clear AWS was charging at the enterprise mainstream with a big focus on database migration and adding additional business analytics capability. IoT was also a big push. But perhaps the energy at the conference is a trailing indicator? What if the post-AWS world is already in front of us with container-centric platforms that can run on any cloud, and AWS is relegated to being the king of IaaS?… Read More

About that Dell-EMC Deal

OK, it’s been three weeks since the Dell-EMC deal was announced. What have we learned? Is this a metaphorical mating of two giant metaphors? A reflection of natural consolidation in the tech industry? A smart operator taking a giant enterprise private in order to outrun its giant competitors? All of the above?… Read More

Hello, World! Or, what are we doing here?

Welcome to the new TechReckoning. This is a place to talk about enterprise technology and the IT industry, including topics du jour for 2015 like AWS and cloud, virtualization and VMware, platforms and PaaS and cloud-native apps, IoT, containers, devops, big data, storage, networking, security, servers and hyperconverged infrastructure, new hardware, and software-defined whatever.… Read More