The TechReckoning Dispatch, Vol. 3, No. 3. Sunday, March 13, 2016. The Hyperconvergence Wars; Thanks, Obama!; Toxic Data; Security only for the 1%; 10 Years of AWS; No Labels. Mommy, Daddy, What Did You Do During The Hyperconvergence Wars? This, the year of Our Lord 2016, may in fact be the year of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).… Read More

The TechReckoning Dispatch, Vol. 3, No. 2. Sunday, March 6, 2016. In this issue: The FBI and the Slippery Slope, Cloud-based Control Planes, VMware Brain Drain?, Docker Data Center, Container Orchestration, Open Source Is Eating IT, Not Your Father’s Disk Drive. We had a big winter storm last night here in the San Francisco Bay… Read More

The TechReckoning Dispatch, Vol. 3, No. 1. Sunday, February 28, 2016. In this issue: We’re back! Why You Should Ignore VR in 2016, SSD Reliability, Correcting the Podcasts about Ravello, RSA, Help Wanted!  Sunset over Mavericks Long time no see! I’ve been great, thanks. I hope you’ve been well. We took a bit of a… Read More

I just wrapped up a great UK VMUG UserCon. My closing keynote was a reminder that our working lifetimes are decades long with a call to action to gather your team of mentors and community peers and develop a career-long learning practice through side projects. I guess in England one could use the metaphor that everybody… Read More

VMUGs vs Meetups, vExperts and similar programs, Diane Greene is back and Google Is Serious This Time, CloudPhysics, DevOps as #hugops, Self-indulgent Podcasts, Firehose of Links, and our yearly question: What Are You Grateful For? … Read More

This week Stephen Foskett (@sfoskett) joined us as co-host. (mp3 file: The topic of the year seems to be Dell Doodling on the Value of EMC, VMware, and Dell’s Offer Check out their next two events: Data Field Day Roundtable 1 – Nov 17 2015 Virtualization Field Day 6 – Nov 18-20… Read More

This week Justin Warren (@jpwarren) joins us our co-host. We started off by getting back into the Dell-EMC deal. Justin was recently at DellWorld, and talked about his thoughts on the Dell acquisition of EMC and predictions for the future. I tried to get Justin to bet on an outcome, but I don’t think we… Read More

Happy Birth Day to HPE!  (Don’t say HP Enterprise!). Now, perhaps coincidently, during the HP split, the company that would become HPE also 86’d its public cloud offering, Helion. Here’s the money quote from HP Cloud GM Bill Hilf via Steve Burke at CRN:  “Customer after customer were telling us, ‘Listen, we will have a mix of… Read More