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Hi there, Let’s start with the latest from TechReckoning: We published more details on the TechReckoning Insiders, our network for technologists active in their professional communities. Sign up there to be notified of our launch – coming soon. We’re also looking for sponsoring companies who want to get more attention at VMworld and other events this fall by getting the tech community charged up about their cool stuff. Join Brian Solis this Thursday 10am How can we be more creative, productive, and happy in a world filled with tech overwhelm? This Thursday, Brian Solis joins the IMC for a discussion…

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TechReckoning Insiders

We’re starting a new group called the TechReckoning Insiders for technologists who are active in their community. The Insiders will help you learn more deeply, meet more people in the industry, and move forward in your career. Membership is free. You'll receive a regular email update and have access to private community space. We'll send out some cool insider invitations for opportunities like briefings, events, licenses, and training. More info on the TechReckoning Insiders.

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Real Job Talk

TechReckoning's newest podcast. Kat Troyer and Liz Bronson talk about jobs, careers, and what's not said at the water cooler.


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  • Episode 15: Questions to ask in a job interview July 16, 2019
    A lot of the job interview is other people asking you questions. But we've always told you that you should be asking them questions as well! But our bad -- we tell people to ask questions, but we didn’t help them figure them out what to ask. Oops! This epsiode takes you through some of […]

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The Latest

TechConfessions the Show, S3 | E23 John Troyer

John Troyer talks about the nature of reality (so what if it's all a lie - so is virtualization and most of cloud) and the real rewards of being a vExpert (spoiler: it's the network) and of running the program (helping people thrive).

Feeling Frazzled by Social Media?

Join us at our next Influence Marketing Council meeting as we talk about being more creative, productive, and happy in this age of social media and stress. Brian Solis - analyst, author, blogger, and keynote speaker - will be joining us to talk about his new book, Lifescale. Brian is an OG influencer himself with deep insights on influencers and innovation. Afterwards we'll have a discussion hosted by Kat and John Troyer.

Influence Marketing Council monthly meetings are normally only for members, but this month we're opening it up to all!

Reserve Your Seat

Influence Marketing Council June Meeting
Topic: Brian Solis on Lifescale + Discussion
Date: June 20, 2019 10-11am PDT / 1-2pm EDT