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Episode 65 of Eric Wright's Discoposse Podcast.

John Troyer is well known among the VMware community as the creator of what may be the most widely known technology advocacy communities known as #vExpert during his time at VMware. Now, as co-founder of Tech Reckoning, John shares insights into the distinct challenges of influencer marketing and technology community health as a whole. This discussion will leave you asking some deep questions yourself about these programs and what’s next for it all.

Real Job Talk

TechReckoning's newest podcast. Kat Troyer and Liz Bronson talk about jobs, careers, and what's not said at the water cooler.


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  • Episode 11: Negotiating Your Offer May 21, 2019
    Do you talk about compensation in the job talk process? Quick answer- YES! Don't game the process- be clear on what you want. Holding back information puts you at a disadvantage with your offer- it will end up with low results until they know what you expect. Answer the question with what you WANT to […]

Book Club

Announcing the TechReckoning Book Club! Our first book is The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff. We'll start discussing the book in chapters via email in March, 2019. It's a long book, so we might be at it for a while.

Our first book is The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff.

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It’s turtles all the way down for OpenStack. TechReckoning Dispatch v4n3

Hi friends, It turns out I had some thoughts on OpenStack after talking with a lot of interesting people at the latest summit in Boston as a co-host of theCUBE a few weeks back. My tl;dr on OpenStack: It’s still hard to set up and manage. If the project improves in these areas, then the economics of productivity will drive more usage. If not, then people will use OpenStack only when they have very specific needs and skills. The project seems aware of these issues, but the platform is complex and there are a lot of stakeholders and use cases. As usual, “easy”…

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