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So this is happening: #thereckoning15 – TR Dispatch v2n13

The TechReckoning Dispatch, Vol. 2, No. 13. Sept 14, 2015. In this issue: We’re having a conference! I think that’s quite enough.

It’s The Reckoning 2015! Oh, sure, I have the normal stuff like bookmarks I’ve been saving about VMworld and TSA master keys and Internet Commenting and Oracle shenanigans, but there will be plenty of time to talk about all that stuff later.

In an act of madness or genius, I scheduled The Reckoning a week after VMworld, so people turned around and got back on planes (from Ireland and Australia and points in between) and came back to the Bay Area and got cars or limos and came out to our little foggy seaside town for a day or two of fellowship.

We are streaming live today, Monday, Sept 14 at 9am PT! Check out¬†http://thereckoning.techreckoning.com¬†for all the goodness, including the live stream and a collection of¬†#thereckoning15 tweets. Here’s¬†today’s schedule.

We started yesterday as people trickled in a bit bleary-eyed from early-morning east coast flights. Check out the photos. The first #vBrownbag Unconference brought everybody together and talking and was a great success. After dinner, we kicked off the formal presentation with a great community-oriented session on stage. Kat and I kicked us off with an intention to be present at this event, to learn more about each others, and to help each other. Kurt Collins was our featured guest, talking about mobile/IoT, his career journey, and the non-profit he co-founded, the Hidden Genius Project. And then The Geek Whisperers did it Oprah-style with an interactive discussion about our career journeys, our networks, our pivots, and jumping into the void.

Tweet of the night goes to Karen Lopez during the midst of all that sharing. Karen is speaking today about lessons learned in her consulting practice as @datachick:

If you missed the live stream, give us a few days and we’ll have the videos¬†up.

Some¬†of the learnings, as the corporate types like to say, of this first time conference are¬†Don’t Schedule It A Week After VMworld,¬†Don’t Schedule It On Rosh Hashanah,¬†Confirm That All The Speakers Are Going To Show Up,¬†Get The Sponsors Early,¬†and above all¬†Get More Help. Regarding the latter, since it’s mostly been just Kat and me, I’ve got to hit send on this dispatch and run over to the hotel to get everything set up for today!

Thanks again to our sponsors: Zerto, Cisco, SimpliVity, Ravello Systems, and Nutanix.

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