a reckoning for tech by the humans that work with it

Hello, World! Or, what are we doing here?

Welcome to the new TechReckoning. This is a place to talk about enterprise technology and the IT industry, including topics du jour for 2015 like AWS and cloud, virtualization and VMware, platforms and PaaS and cloud-native apps, IoT, containers, devops, big data, storage, networking, security, servers and hyperconverged infrastructure, new hardware, and software-defined whatever.

Each day or two we’ll introduce a new topic that gathers together some recent discussion or information about a topic, and then you feel free to jump in to add some context or useful commentary. Unlike most of the Internet, TechReckoning is a place where you can always read the comments.

Each day a new topic: no upvotes, no karma, just discussion.

On Fridays, enjoy The TechReckoning Dispatch newsletter and podcast where we sum up what happened this week.

Submitting a topic

This is a community site. We invite your contributions. Good Topics are either high level or in depth. Useful stuff or things we can talk about. Topics should help an enterprise technologist do their job.  Please share some interesting stuff with us!

What’s going on here?

Techreckoning is an independent community for enterprise technology professionals. John Mark Troyer, the Chief Reckoner, was a community and social guy for nine years at VMware, where he met many interesting people. Those interesting people &emdash; some of whom worked at tech vendors, and some of whom were enterprise architects or admins Рbegan to ask John if there was a place where we could have high-level technology discussions that cut across single-vendor silos and that go deeper than the typical news article.

For over a year, TechReckoning was basically a newsletter, the TechReckoning Dispatch, where John talked about some tech things that interested him, shared some links to interesting articles, and asked for comments every issue. Now, we’re moving on to the web and we’ll figure out the rest. I have this whole theory in my head of how it should work and what we can build and why it should all work, but let’s not force it.

Come and hang out and add to the conversation. If enough people hang out, we’ll build more stuff.

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Making money

TechReckoning is just a¬†place to talk about tech with your peers. John also has a consulting practice helping vendors talk to geeks. Right now, these two streams¬†don’t cross much. ¬†Front page topics are chosen by the editors for interest and are not influenced¬†by sponsors or clients. John’s clients are fully disclosed. In the fullness of time, we may offer way for vendors to talk with geeks more easily, including sponsored content, but these will be clearly marked.

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