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#3: Data protection and the new reality of IT with Shannon Snowden

The TechReckoning Podcast returns with a conversation with Shannon Snowden, Senior Technical Architect at Zerto.

We talk about data protection, the realities of the cloud, and how backup isn’t what it used to be. We also talk about the necessity of upping IT’s game when the lower levels of the stack (storage, hardware, etc) become more of a commodity.

We also talk about ZertoCON May 23-25 in Boston. Use code TECHRECKONING15 for a 15% discount.

TechReckoning at ZertoCON will bring two different sessions with a TechReckoning flavor to the event. A DevOps panel will include both an interview with a practitioner as well as some concrete technical examples of approaching your infrastructure with greater automation and instrumentation. A second session on skills-building and career navigation will hopefully both scare and inspire you a bit. Please come join me in Boston for ZertoCON!