The enterprise technology industry is going somewhere interesting, and I want to create a place where the community can collaborate to figure that out together. I figure if we gather a group of interesting people, we’ll come up with some cool stuff together. Email me at jtroyer@techreckoning.com to share your thoughts.

Please join me in creating TechReckoning.



What we’re doing here

This is a site that I hope becomes the center of an intentional community of technology professionals that crosses job function, geography, and technology silos.

We’re starting with discussion topics. Each day (or so), we’ll post a new topic that gathers together some recent discussion or information about a topic, and then you feel free to jump in to add some context or useful commentary. Right now, we’re just using normal comments and you can post with your Twitter, Facebook, WordPress.com account.

Unlike most of the Internet, TechReckoning is a place where you can always read the comments.

More on the plan, from my Hello World post.

About The Dispatch Newsletter

I started a newsletter last year. Each issue has some commentary on what I’m seeing in the enterprise part of the tech industry, as well as some links to articles that I found to be interesting. There’s way too much noise out there so we find some pieces of the signal.

Each time we also asked a question to the community and included your responses the next issue. I wanted to make it more about Us than Me.

Although we’d usually come in long at 3,000 or 4,000 words, people have said nice things like “This is the only newsletter I read” and “I save it and go back to it to make sure I get it all” and “This is not a normal newsletter” (which I’m taking as a compliment.)

To sign up and see the old issues go to The TechReckoning Dispatch Newsletter page.

About The Podcast

I’ve been producing podcasts since 2008, starting with the VMware Community Podcast. We’re trying something new, the TechReckoning Podcast, to go along with the Dispatch. John also is a co-host of the Geek Whisperer, where we tell Geek Stories about Geek Lives, and produces Chat with Champions in collaboration with the VC firm Mayfield.

Who Is Behind This?

John Mark Troyer is the Co-CEO and Chief Reckoner at TechReckoning. He spent 9 years at VMware, starting many of their community, blogging, social media, and influencer marketing programs. In previous careers, John was a scientist and an entrepreneur.

Kathleen Nelson Troyer, Co-CEO. Kat is a consultant, coach, and retreat leader with 20 years experience in human resources, recruiting, and consulting for technology and financial services companies. She also has extensive community and social media marketing experience.

John is using the Royal We a lot on this site, but there are other folks that have been helping out. If you’re interested in helping out as an editor on the site, shoot me a note.

About Consulting

TechReckoning is also a marketing consultancy. We Help Vendors Talk To Geeks. We try hard to keep the commercial part of what we do separate from the community part, and where the streams cross, we’ll disclose it.


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