a reckoning for tech and the humans that work with tech

About TechReckoning

At TechReckoning, we talk about technology and the humans that work with technology.

Right now, here’s what you can find here:

  • John Mark Troyer talking about enterprise and cloud technology. John ends up on a number of platforms, but check out the TechReckoning Dispatch, a newsletter about technology and humans.
  • Kat Troyer and Liz Bronson talking about jobs, careers, and what’s not said at the water cooler in the Real Job Talk podcast.
  • TechReckoning Insiders, a network for technologists who are active in their communities
  • The TechReckoning Book Club, with our first book discussion starting soon.
At TechReckoning, we believe that
  • Contributing to a professional community is a powerful tool that will affect your job, your career, and your life.
  • Companies that build with relationships and trust in their ecosystem by working with communities of practice are more effective.
  • The technology industry is often terrible and ridiculous, both for those who work in it and for the rest of us that are affected by it.
  • We’re all doing the best we can, but yet we all could probably do better.

We also believe that we have some cool new things coming. Stay tuned.

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