The Briefing List is for technology content creators — like bloggers, podcasters, video makers, freelance authors, instructors, and speakers. List members receive exclusive online technical briefings and other opportunities to connect with technology vendors, mostly in the cloud-enterprise-infrastructure space. Briefings are a great way for bloggers to build their relationships with tech vendors while generating material for your blog.

So, John, I’m signing up to be spammed by vendors? I can download a white paper and take care of that.

No, you’ll only receive occasional invitations that we think will be interesting to you. We do our best to ensure that the briefings are good, substantive, technical, and that you’ll get personal interaction with the product teams and be able to give them your feedback. We also promise not to share your contact info with anyone you don’t want to interact with.

My only requirement is that you are a content creator that makes some sort of content that reaches other people. Don’t worry about if you have an audience of one or thousands. Please provide a single URL that best demonstrates what you’re doing. I also ask that you provide your current day job employer so we don’t get into awkward situations.

This is a bit of an experiment. Vendors ask me to brief bloggers all the time, and there’s gotta be a better way for you to raise your hand rather than have me bug you all the time. Please join me as we try to make blogging better, to help tech companies be better, and to help technology professionals grow in understanding and skills.


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