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The Briefing List

The Briefing List is for technology content creators—bloggers, podcasters, video makers, freelance authors, instructors, and speakers—and for community contributors and organizers—open source or not, user group organizers, and people who contribute in many ways. List members receive invitations to exclusive technical briefings and other opportunities to connect with technology vendors, mostly in the cloud-enterprise-infrastructure space. Briefings are a great way for active community contributors and communicators to build their professional relationships within the industry and to get more information for themselves and their community.

So, John, I'm signing up to be spammed by vendors? I can give them my email when I download a white paper and take care of that.

No, you'll only receive occasional invitations that we think will be interesting to you. We do our best to ensure that the briefings are good, substantive, technical, and that you'll get personal interaction with the product teams and be able to give them your feedback. We also promise not to share your contact info with anyone you don't want to interact with.

Last year we also held two of our own influencer events exclusively for VMware vExperts. This year you'll see more events for more communities for us.

Please join me as we try to make tech communities and communication better, to help tech companies be better, and to help the community of technology professionals grow in their understanding and skills.


ps big changes coming soon to the program!

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