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Code of Conduct


This is an intentional community where we have discussions. If you want to participate, you agree to follow this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct may change without notice. We will follow the spirit rather than the letter of the law.

The Gist

Be professional. Don’t be an asshole. No personal attacks.


You can be anonymous, but we don’t recommend it. Most people will connect their comments to another social account on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Please disclose your employer on that linked account or somewhere if you are employed in the tech industry.

A good reason to be anonymous is to give insight on something you can’t comment on under your own name. The bar for shenanigans on anonymous accounts is very low; you won’t be given the benefit of the doubt.


Comments are flat (non-threaded) by design, so we moderate comments to maintain the readability of the thread. Some reasons we might delete your comment:

  • Derailing the main thread of the conversation, even if you’re funny
  • Jumping in multiple times to make a similar point
  • Being an asshole

Your comment may be deleted and we usually won’t contact you or tell you why, but you can always ask.


If you violate the code of conduct, you may be temporarily prevented from commenting for a day or more. We’ll email you if we have your info to let you know. Repeat offenders may be banned permanently.

Submission Guidelines

See also the Submission Guidelines.