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The TechReckoning Dispatch Newsletter comes out every so often. It is bit of news from the industry and what's been going on at TechReckoning along with some thoughts from John Mark Troyer. It's a rich, thick, chocolatey newsletter you can enjoy for days!

It’s turtles all the way down for OpenStack. TechReckoning Dispatch v4n3

Hi friends, It turns out I had some thoughts on OpenStack after talking with a lot of interesting people at the latest summit in Boston as a co-host of theCUBE a few weeks back. My tl;dr on OpenStack: It’s still hard to set up and manage. If the project improves in these areas, then the economics of… Read More

Docker and the Blue Fairy. TechReckoning Dispatch Vol. 4, №2.

  Docker and the Blue Fairy TechReckoning Dispatch Vol. 4, №2.   Hi friends, I told you it was going to get worse before it gets better. I had no idea how much the current political situation was in part caused by, and continues to be influenced by, social media. (Recent: 48M Twitter accounts may be bots.) I got… Read More

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. TechReckoning Dispatch v4n1

  Hi Friends, Unfortunately I’m thinking things are going to get worse before they get better. You might think I’m talking about politics, and I am, but let’s also talk about social media and cloud. Social media Anecdotally, I’m seeing more people opt out of social. Twitter and Facebook really only became widely available 6–7… Read More

AWS is not Microsoft, it’s Salesforce. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n18

Hi friends, Hope you’re sliding into an easy end of the year, but if you’re like me, December is always a little frantic with holiday obligations, scant daylight, end-of-year work stuff, and this year we add post-election apocalyptic worries and the political clown car show. My wife Kat tells the story of an early gig… Read More

Told you so. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n17

Hi friends, There was a lot of “I told you so” going around this week. I hope you enjoyed your Internet snow day Friday as waves of DDoS brought down the DNS provider Dyn across the US. The culprit? Compromised IoT devices like DVRs and webcams. The finger was pointed at Chinese company Hangzhou Xiongmai, who… Read More

I want a hole, not a drill. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n16

  Hi friends, Hey we missed a week because I wrote this long thing on how messed up everything is, including security, IoT security, and women in tech; all consciously or unconsciously inspired by our current political season. It depressed even me, so instead of sending it, I shredded it for sprinkling atop future emails.… Read More

Data Center Prawn. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n15

Hi friends, We are living in a time when the Data Center has been declared Dead. Oddly enough, this week was full of Data Center Prawn. Prawnography is a funny thing. By definition, it appeals to our fantasy lives in a way that’s not real. In this modern era, we have developed many kinds of… Read More

Empathy for The Big Red O. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n14

  Hi friends, I’ve built my whole career on empathy. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes goes a long why towards understanding why somebody does something. Inexplicable villains exist mostly in the movies. I’ve had a lot of meetings over my career explaining to product teams, “Here’s why that blogger just said bad things about… Read More

The pendulum swings towards ops. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n13

  If you read nothing else this week, check out The Briefing List announcement below. Thanks! Hi friends, I caught IBM’s Open Cloud Summit in SF this week. Lightning talks FTW! Recommended if it comes to your town. The speakers gave a tour through this new IT place we’re headed, and they called it DevOps,… Read More

The impermanence of all things. TechReckoning Dispatch v3n12

  Hi friends, This is the inside of our leaky washing machine. Cameron the repair guy has come all the way out to our beach town three times and hasn’t had the patience to find the leak which is literally the dripping shiny water in this picture I just took. Take from that lessons on… Read More