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TechReckoning Insiders Launch Notification

What is the TechReckoning Insiders?

The TechReckoning Insiders is a network of technologists who are active contributors to our professional communities. We come together to learn about technologies and to get more connected with each other and within our industries. Knowledge and networking, not spam.

What do members get?

We're starting with something simple & useful: members receive a periodic email update with tech news and private opportunities to learn and interact with companies, industry leaders, and each other. There are online community events and a low-noise private community as well. We'll build more around community and visibility from there.

Exclusive experiences with companies are varied: private tech briefings, focus groups, early access to releases, licenses, training, service credits, and networking events.

Who should sign up for the TechReckoning Insiders?

The TechReckoning Insiders is for you if you're a professional who is already sharing and helping your peers, and you want to keep growing your knowledge, your craft, and your impact radius. Being a member will help you professionally. It's also fun, Our initial focus is in infrastructure and cloud, but we welcome everybody.

Members help others in many ways:

  • Writing articles, blog posts, or books
  • Making videos, livestreams, or podcasts
  • Organizing and speaking at user groups, meetups, or conferences
  • Writing and sharing code, utilities, configs, or scripts
  • Curating and explaining on social media
  • Contributing to open source communities and helping peers learn in any number of ways

How do I become a TechReckoning Insider?

You must be approved to be a TechReckoning Insider. You must be working or studying in an area of technology and active helping others in your professional community. Membership in the TechReckoning Insiders is free.

You don't have to be some big "influencer" to join. Whether you're just starting out or already part of a vendor advocacy programs, the TechReckoning Insiders are a good way to learn and meet people from other areas of tech. 

It doesn't matter what kind of company signs your paychecks, even if you already work for a tech vendor or consulting company. We're all peers. We are admins, architects, operations, and developers. We are sales engineers, consultants, tech evangelists and developer advocates. We work for companies big and small. We work both with commercial vendor communities as well as open source communities.

Do I have to do anything once I'm a member?

You have no obligations other than to keep helping other people. You don’t have to participate in any of the activities we send you. You can opt out at any time if it’s not useful to you.

Some opportunities may only be offered to members with certain qualifications, such as members with experience in a certain area, or members who are actively writing.

We are developing a more comprehensive Community Code of Conduct and reserve the right to remove anyone from membership at any time.

Can I get paid?

Members aren't paid for participating in activities. We are developing a listing of technologists who offer paid content, sponsorship, or distribution services to companies. More details to come, and all members are welcome to participate.

What data do I give up to sponsors? 

We pass along opportunities from sponsoring companies. We promise that:

  • All opportunities are opt-in only, and your personal information will not be provided to anyone without your permission.
  • Sponsors promise to not send you any unsolicited marketing material after you participate in opportunities with them.
  • If there are any obligations to participate in an opportunity — e.g., to write a review or to agree to an embargoed announcement date — they will be disclosed up front.

What's the story behind the TechReckoning Insiders?

More on that here.

TechReckoning Insiders Launch Notification