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TechReckoning Marketing Services

At TechReckoning, we help enterprise technology marketers develop programs that speak directly to technologists. The marketplace is noisy. It’s hard to get attention in the marketplace. It’s hard to know what resonates with your audience, especially one that tunes out when it thinks it hears marketing buzzwords. Technology geeks do want to hear about your solutions, but you have to talk their language and form long-term relationships with them.

We work with a wide range of corporate teams like:

  • product marketing and¬†technical marketing
  • sales engineering and professional services
  • Office of the CTO
  • corporate marketing, digital marketing, and field marketing
  • public relations and analyst relations
  • community and support

We develop

  • user group programs
  • community programs
  • influencer and MVP programs
  • employee ambassador programs
  • blogger relations programs
  • technical evangelism programs

We also can help you hire technical evangelists, developer advocates, and community managers.

Community and Influencer Marketing

We’d like to help you build¬†long-term, strategic relationships with smart, interesting people throughout your ecosystem and your¬†industry. But even if you just need to get the word out about a product launch or new announcement, we can help.

Podcast Production

One of the best ways to talk with geeks is via podcasting. ¬†We’ve produced something like 400 podcast episodes since 2008, so we think we’ve got it down. We can help

  • refine¬†and structure your podcast concept
  • advise on equipment purchase
  • launch and publicize your podcast
  • recruit, schedule, and orient podcast guests
  • record, produce and edit each episode
  • contribute on-air talent

We work with a network of professional editors and producers to deliver a top-notch, listenable product. Our studio also holds¬†the “Skype-topus,” a rack of machines and processors that we’ve built to deliver¬†quality audio from¬†multiple guests recorded over the Internet.

About John Mark Troyer

John lives on the foggy California coast near Half Moon Bay with his lovely wife and business partner Kat, three cats, and one French-kissing dog.

Previously, John worked at VMware as a Director and Social Media Evangelist. Over the course of his time at VMware, he initiated and managed many of VMware’s social media, blogging, influencer marketing, and content marketing programs, hosted a popular weekly podcast for six years, and started the very successful VMware vExpert evangelism and advocacy program.

In previous careers, John received a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and was the founding CEO of a venture-backed startup with the quixotic mission of making mobile enterprise apps viable in a pre-iPhone world.


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