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Old School, New School – TR Dispatch v2n16

VMUGs vs Meetups, vExperts and similar programs, Diane Greene is back and Google Is Serious This Time, CloudPhysics, DevOps as #hugops, Self-indulgent Podcasts, Firehose of Links, and our yearly question: What Are You Grateful For?

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Always Be Conferencing. TR Dispatch v2n14

The TechReckoning Dispatch. Vol. 2. No. 14. September 24, 2015. In this issue: The Reckoning 2015, new podcast: Chat with Champions, and VMworld vs the World [View in Browser] The Reckoning 2015 was an amazing experience. Thanks to all who came, and thanks to our sponsors Cisco, Zerto, SimpliVity, Ravello Systems, and Nutanix who made the…

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So this is happening: #thereckoning15 – TR Dispatch v2n13

The TechReckoning Dispatch, Vol. 2, No. 13. Sept 14, 2015. In this issue: We’re having a conference! I think that’s quite enough. It’s The Reckoning 2015! Oh, sure, I have the normal stuff like bookmarks I’ve been saving about VMworld and TSA master keys and Internet Commenting and Oracle shenanigans, but there will be plenty…

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Game over, man. Game over. TR Dispatch v2n12

The TechReckoning Dispatch. Vol. 2. No. 12. August 24, 2015. In this issue: I don’t shut up about The Reckoning; Security, Game Over edition; Amazon eats its own; Post-AWS World; Web Ads Still F’d; Apple Watch; Why Windows? QotW: VMworld vs something else? Good news, everybody: this newsletter contains only a homeopathic amount of Docker. [View in Browser] The…

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Of Two Minds – TR Dispatch v2n10

The TechReckoning Dispatch. Vol. 2, No. 10. July 20, 2015. In this issue: Being comfortable with ambiguity, Big Flowering Deal, The Reckoning Dammit, Amazon, Hacking Team, Reddit, OpenStack, Microsoft, Server SANs, Vacation, and our question: Home Backup? [View in Browser] A necessary part of being an adult is the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts in your…

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Goodnight, Moon – TR Dispatch v2n11

The TechReckoning Dispatch. Vol 2, No. 11. August 4, 2015. In this issue: XYZ is Dead is Dead. Government Service. Goodbye, Docker. Goodbye, OpenStack. Goodbye, Android. HP Dress Code. Women in Tech. #LookLikeAnEngineer. Windows 10. Comments on Backup Strategies. And our question: Would you ever write a Windows app? [View in Browser] Early bird prices for The Reckoning 2015 end…

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