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TechReckoning Podcast

#5: IT that adds value to the smaller business

How can IT contribute to the business if they are kept busy and trapped by taking care of infrastructure? That’s one of the questions we tackle in this conversation I recently had with two IT admins from smaller businesses. Both of these admins, one from a tire manufacturer, and on from a public health department,…

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#4: Letting IT sleep at night – live from ZertoCON 2016

The latest TechReckoning Podcast live from  ZertoCON 2016. I interview Zerto co-founder and CTO Oded Kedem and Robert Stretchay, VP of Product. We talk about the nature of clouds and the nature of various apps and how they map to different types of infrastructure and cloud environments. Companies not only have different strategic approaches to cloud,…

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#3: Data protection and the new reality of IT with Shannon Snowden

The TechReckoning Podcast returns with a conversation with Shannon Snowden, Senior Technical Architect at Zerto. We talk about data protection, the realities of the cloud, and how backup isn’t what it used to be. We also talk about the necessity of upping IT’s game when the lower levels of the stack (storage, hardware, etc) become…

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#2: Dell, Storage, Skills, and Curation with Stephen Foskett

This week Stephen Foskett (@sfoskett) joined us as co-host. http://traffic.libsyn.com/techreckoning/TRP_02_Foskett.mp3 (mp3 file: http://traffic.libsyn.com/techreckoning/TRP_02_Foskett.mp3) The topic of the year seems to be Dell Doodling on the Value of EMC, VMware, and Dell’s Offer TechFieldDay.com Check out their next two events: Data Field Day Roundtable 1 – Nov 17 2015 Virtualization Field Day 6 – Nov 18-20…

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#1: Even More Dell-EMC and the Solo Analyst Life with Justin Warren

This week Justin Warren (@jpwarren) joins us our co-host. We started off by getting back into the Dell-EMC deal. Justin was recently at DellWorld, and talked about his thoughts on the Dell acquisition of EMC and predictions for the future. I tried to get Justin to bet on an outcome, but I don’t think we…

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#0: EMC and the East Coast Analyst Mafia with Stu Miniman

For this very special first (zeroth) episode, my co-host is Stu Miniman, senior analyst at Wikibon, co-host of #theCUBE, and owner of the shortest Twitter account (@stu) of anybody that I know personally. We talk about the Dell-EMC deal, AWS re-colon-Invent, and why analysts all live on the East Coast. Our conversation was recorded on…

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