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Think of this site as a sort of social network. People post stuff. People talk about stuff.

Think of this site as a campfire where people take turns telling stories.

Think of this site as a small stage where a series of topics are introduced and discussed.

Come take a turn telling a story.

TechReckoning Topics

TechReckoning Topics are a few hundred words that give some perspective around a specific topic in enterprise technology by aggregating a few links worth reading. (Articles worth reading are actually kind of hard to find.)

We like Slow News, not Hot Takes. Often there is more insight a few days after an event. Use Twitter on day one to be pithy and insightful. We like deep technical insight. We like implications. We dislike clickbait. We dislike short article with obvious advice.

Submission process

Get together a paragraph or two and a few links. Email it to The Editors. We will evaluate it, and either put it in the queue or send it back for more work.

If we send it back, we’ll tell you why; you are welcome to re-submit. If it gets accepted, we may workshop your post together with you — suggest links, copy edit, etc. If multiple people submit a Topic on the same subject, we may ask you to be a co-author on a single combined Topic. But we will never publish anything you’re not comfortable with – you’re always welcome to pull a submission.

We are only publishing a limited number of topics – right now max one each day. So we’ll put your submission in a queue. Your position in the queue will depend on the number of submissions, developing news, etc. We’ll give you updates when your submission is about to be posted.

This is our current process. The process might change in the future, get fancy voting algorithms, submission forms, etc.

Caveats and No-No’s

Point of view. This is not a blogging platform. Topic submissions can have a point of view, but if you want to make a longer point, or write an essay without links, either use your own blog or a platform like Medium.

Your own posts. You can link to your own posts, but they should be one resource within a larger context – i.e., one link of many. You must disclose in your submission that you are linking to your own post, or posts of your company or colleagues.

Your company’s point of view.
This isn’t a promotional platform. Don’t submit topics that are just ads for your company, or that are an attack on a competitor. You must disclose if your submission is related in any way to your employer.

See also the Code of Conduct.